Rabu, 9 September 2009

Soalan Thermo Latihan

A steam power plant operates on an ideal regenerative Rankine cycle with two (2) open-type feedwater heaters. Steam enters the turbine at pressure of 10 MPa and temperature of 600°C. The steam leaving the turbine is routed to a condenser operating at a pressure of 5 kPa. Small amount of steams are extracted from the turbine at pressures of 0.6 and 0.2 MPa respectively, and are routed to the feedwater heaters for regeneration
processes. Water leaves both feedwater heaters as saturated liquid. The mass flow rate of steam flowing through the boiler is 22 kg/s. The work input to all feedwater pumps can be neglected and all expansion processes are assumed isentropic. Show the cycle on a temperature-entropy (T-s) diagram and determine,
i) the mass fractions of steam extracted from the turbine,
ii) the net power output of the power plant, MW and,
iii) the thermal efficiency of the cycle, %.

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